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You can find resources to support your 3–5 child here. There are resources about your child’s curriculum and the report card. You can also click to explore specific subject areas.

Understanding the 3–5 Curriculum

Common Core Strands

The Winnisquam 3–5 curriculum is based upon the Common Core Standards. These are a set of learning goals that state what a student should know by the end of each grade level. The purpose of the Common Core strands are to ensure that all students are ready for the world when they graduate. The Common Core emphasizes the importance of how students find answers to problems—not just finding the right answer. The more you can support your child with explaining their answers, the more you can help them. For more on understanding the Common Core and supporting your child, you can visit these parent roadmaps.

Report Card

Your child's teacher uses report cards to share how your child is doing in school. Report cards in New Hampshire schools look different from what most of us are familiar with. This is because of the movement towards competency-based education. Competency-based education aims to give students and families a more accurate picture of learning. Teachers no longer average everything into a letter grade. Instead, students' mastery of learning goals is shared based on each learning goal. That way, it's clear what learning goals students have mastered and where they need more work. PowerSchool is the online system where you can check your child's learning progress. Visit Digital Learning Platforms to learn more about PowerSchool.

Resources By Subject

English Language Arts

Find resources for remote learning in English Language Arts.

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Unified Arts

Find resources for remote learning in Unified Arts.

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