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English Language Arts

This page is here to help you understand the main resources your child uses. The focus of this page is English Language Arts (ELA).

Digital Resources for 3–5 ELA

Digital Classroom


Clever is an online tool that connects digital learning in a single place. When you and your child log in to Clever, you can access all their digital learning accounts there. In other words, no need to log in separately to different accounts! You can find a video introduction to Clever on Winnisquam's YouTube Channel.

English Language Arts


Wonders is the main digital learning platform for 3 - 5 ELA. Wonders supports your child with all aspects of reading and writing. Be sure to access Wonders through your child's Clever account. You can find grade level specific home school resources on the McGraw Hill site. You can also find a video introduction to Wonders on YouTube.

English Language Arts


Raz-Kids is another important digital learning platform for K-2 ELA. Raz-Kids helps your child practice reading. It connects them with texts on their reading level. It also helps them read and understand texts accurately. You and your child can access your child's Raz-Kids account through Clever. You can watch this video introduction to Raz-Kids on YouTube.

Non-Digital Resources for 3–5 ELA

There are a few powerful things you can do to support your child's reading development without much technology.


Reading Aloud

Reading books with your child is an oldie but goodie. It's a great thing to continue to do while your child is going to school. Snuggling up with a great book is a way to connect with your child. Plus, you can show your child what great reading looks and sounds like when you read to them. These Reading Rocket activities provide ideas to interact with what you read.


Building Skills

Your child may need some support with building skills. This may include memorizing words that are used a lot. Your child may still be working on sounding out certain combinations of letters. The Florida Department of Education has some great resources on building skills at home with your child. Your child’s teacher may also suggest some fun activities you and your child can do at home.