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This page is here to help you understand the main resources your child uses. The focus of this page is science.

Digital Resources for 3–5 Science

All the technologies your child uses for learning can be overwhelming! This is especially true when your child is young. This section is here to support you. You can find an overview of key technology platforms for 3 - 5 Science. You'll learn about their purpose and how to use them.

Digital Classroom


Clever is an online tool that connects digital learning in a single place. When you and your child log in to Clever, you can access all their digital learning accounts there. In other words, no need to log in separately to different accounts! You can find a video introduction to Clever on Winnisquam's YouTube Channel.


Mystery Science

Mystery Science has lessons that include videos and experiments. Units are sorted by grade levels. There are also videos for distance learning and mini lessons.


Generation Genius

Generation Genius has science videos by subject area. The goal is to engage students with fun activities and quizzes.



BrainPopJr offers animated videos that are curriculum-based. Your child can access the site through Clever.

Non-Digital Science Resources

There are a few powerful things you can do to support your child's science learning without much technology.


Make Observations

Try to find patterns in the world around you. Draw a picture of the moon every night for a month. How do the trees near your house change throughout the seasons? How does the position of your shadow change throughout the day?


Ask Questions

Get curious about how things work by asking questions. How does your bicycle move? Why does the light come on when you flip the switch? What causes day and night? Why do seeds grow? Where does water go when you empty the bathtub?


Make It Better

Finding something that is not ideal and trying to design a way to make it better. Create a Rube Goldberg machine to accomplish a simple task.


Cook Together

Cook dinner together and talking about how the ingredients combine. Where does the food come from? Why do things change when they are heated or cooled?


Build Something

How does a screwdriver work? How can you make something less likely to collapse? Can you make a roller coaster for a marble? Can you use recyclable items to build an instrument?