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Eighth Grade

As we continue with the hybrid and remote learning models, we felt it may be helpful to pass along a few tips and suggestions for you and your child to get the full academic experience during these tough times.  Below is a list of tips to make for a successful academic day at home.

Learning Environment Guidelines

  • Set up a space in the home designated for class sessions and classwork.
  • Post the schedule as a reminder of the times academic learning will take place.
  • Be sure to honor class time above any other home distractions.

Remote Learning Guidelines and Student Expectations

  • Log in a few minutes early to be on time for class
  • Participate in class discussions/lessons
  • Stay focused when learning in a remote situation – close extra tabs and move anything that could be a distraction.
  • Remember this is still school so find a good spot where you can concentrate.
  • Come prepared with your school work and have it readily available to help you stay on top of things.
  • Participate and complete all assignments/notes
  • Check Google Classroom to find due dates. Assignments are due whether remote or in person on the due date.

Parent Communications

  • Accept teachers’ invitation to google classroom, check Powerschool for progress toward competencies, and check in with your child about how classes are going.
  • Inform teachers of any issues in the Zoom classroom – internet issues, etc.
  • Encourage students to attend office hours when needed or teacher requested

All Subjects

  • English Language Arts

    Reading comprehension, written expression and oral communication are all life long skills students need to have. Students in Grade 8 will be focusing on the following to enhance their knowledge and practice:
    1. Reading & responding to a variety of literary and informational text
    2. Using the writing process and applying various formats based on the audience
    3. Practicing and applying speaking and listening skills in the areas of collaboration and presentation

    Resources to Support ELA

    • This YouTube video will navigate you through the library book checkout process.
    • This YouTube video will navigate you through the library eBook checkout process.
    • We use Accelerated Reader to track student independent reading reading.
    • We use these digital learning tools often: Google Classroom, PowerSchool, and IXL. You can find more about these in the Digital Learning Platforms section of the site.

    Key Ideas in 8th Grade ELA

  • Math

    In 8th grade math, students learn Pre-Algebra and Albegra. In Pre-Algebra,we focus on computations, geometry, and real life applications in preparation for high school math. In Algebra we solve and build equations, solve and create expressions and represent graphs in preparation for future math topics in high school.

    Resources to Support Math

    • We use Big Ideas Math as our main math curriculum.
    • We also use IXL, Khan Academy, and Kahoot, which you can learn more about in the Digital Learning Platforms section of the site.
    • Powerschool  is where you see the most updated grades and comments.
    • Students can see their assignments in Google Classroom and turn in when completed. Students can also see notes, links, and other information related to each class day.

    Key Ideas in 8th Grade Math


  • Science

    Students learn Physical Science in 8th grade. The course also includes an introduction to Chemistry and Physics. We focus is on the building blocks of the universe and how things move. Topics include properties of matter, chemical reactions, energy, force and motion, and waves.

    Resources to Support Science

    • Like other classes, we use Powerschool for updated grades and comments. We use Google Classroom for class assignments and missing work.
    • We use IXL to practice skills learned in class.
    • We use Nearpod for interactive lessons (Nearpod is similar to Pear Deck).

    Key Ideas in 8th Grade Science

  • Social Studies

    In 8th grade social studies, students learn about United States history from the French and Indian War until Reconstruction. Students learn about how the country was founded, their rights as American citizens, the Constitution, Civil War, slavery and its impact, and how to be an active citizen.

    Resources to Support Social Studies

    • Like other classes, we use Powerschool for updated grades and comments.
    • We use Google Classroom for class assignments and missing work.

    Key Ideas in 8th Grade Social Studiers

  • Unified Arts

    The UA team consists of Health, Physical Education, Art, Technology Education, Music, and Computers. We believe that students have varied strengths and interests. The UA curriculum showcases this diversity and gives every student the opportunity to explore the key concepts in each discipline with both project-based and skill-based units.

    Each class meets for 30 days before moving on to the next UA class. At the beginning of each term, UA teachers communicate by sending out an invitation to Google Classroom. Teachers will notify you about supplies needed. Google classroom is where students can find assignments and teacher feedback; PowerSchool is where official grades are posted. Please email teachers with any concerns or questions. We are available on Flex Wednesdays as needed to meet with students for support in reaching competencies. We appreciate your flexibility and support.

    Key Resources to Support Unified Arts

    • Art: “Art Kits” are available for pick up in the main office (for remote students) with the same or similar supplies used in Art class. You can find more information about art kids on the WRSD website.
    • Physical Education: All workouts are posted on Google Classroom.  You will need to wear comfortable clothing, and have space to complete a workout.
    • Technology Education has VEX Code VR that we program and code our virtual robots in.
    • Here are some Computer Class Project Examples. We sign in to daily.
    • Health: This is the health website. Kids Health and MyPlate are also websites we use often.

    Key Ideas in Unified Arts