Learning from home can be challenging. There are temptations all over the place! You might want to sleep in and wake up just in time for class. Or you might want to play video games instead of your assignments. You might be tempted to surf social media instead of engage in your lesson. These tips will help you overcome these temptations so that you can successfully learn.

#1 Start Strong

Starting your day off well is key to a strong routine. Don’t procrastinate – get out of bed and start your day as if you were going to school. Wash up, get dressed, and eat some breakfast before you start your learning.

#2 Stick to Your Schedule

Follow a daily schedule. Attend live classes when they are on your schedule. Even though it can be tempting, be sure to join the classes that are more challenging or less engaging, too! When it’s time to complete work asynchronously, keep on track so you don’t fall behind. 

Work hard, but be sure to take short breaks as well. Get up and move around for a few minutes. Grab a snack or message a friend. Then back to work until the school day is done.

#3 End the Day Well

At the end of the school day, make a list of anything you didn’t complete so you can work on it tomorrow. Then reflect on the day. What are you proud of? What was most challenging? What do you want to do better tomorrow? 

Take some time to do something you enjoy like connect with friends, play games, or watch a show. Eat a healthy dinner. Be sure to get to bed at a decent hour so you have energy for tomorrow!