Since your child also plays and relaxes at home, separating a space for learning is important. This space signals the fact that it’s time to learn. The more the space can look and feel like a learning space at school, the better.

  1. First, find a place in your home where your child can focus on school. Look for places where your child can quietly focus on their learning. Try to avoid places that are comfortable and tempting to nap on like a bed or couch. Consider what your child will be looking at. Since they will be in video meetings, also consider what others will see in the background.
  1. Second, set up the space to look and feel like school. Set up a desk or use furniture that resembles a desk. Move toys and games away from sight. Store learning materials like books, pencils, and markers in this space. You might also want to encourage your child to decorate the space with encouraging pictures and signs. 
  1. Third, encourage your child to take responsibility for their learning space. Remind them to start their school day at their desk. Throughout the day, encourage them to reorganize materials based on what they are learning. At the end of the day, encourage them to tidy up in preparation for the next day. If they produced work they are proud of, you can page it on the wall. This can remind them of what they have accomplished!