Greetings, Winnisquam caregivers! We’re so happy you’re here. One purpose of this page is to celebrate your involvement in your child’s education. Your support can make a huge difference in their learning and life. Education experts have studied the effects of caregiver involvement for many years.  The research is clear. Children are far more likely to be successful in learning when they have a caregiver involved in their education. You matter a great deal, and we at Winnisquam are grateful for your involvement.

The second purpose of this page is to introduce some small and doable things you can do to help your child with remote learning. You may find that you’re already doing some of these things! Here is a sneak preview of the first three ideas in this series:

  • Hold Learning Time Sacred: Treat a remote learning day like an in-person day. Help your child stay focused on their learning just like they would in school. They can play during breaks and when the school day is done!
  • Set Up a Space for Learning: Find a place in your home where you child can focus on school. Set it up as close as possible to what a desk might look like in the classroom. Limit distractions and store learning materials in that space.
  • Use a Consistent Routine: Routines make children feel safe (and adults too!). They also make it easier to get your child to cooperate since they know what to expect each day. Try to be as consistent as possible during school days.

Want to explore some of these ideas further? We encourage you to check out additional pages!