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RULER is a social-emotional learning curriculum that we want to have become a part of our mindset. It stands for






It is all based around our emotions. Emotions impact various aspects of our lives, including our relationships, wellbeing, decision making, and cognition. 

Last year RULER was rolled out to the faculty. Faculty members learned about the mood meter and tried to identify where they were on the mood meter. It is about having high energy, low energy, unpleasant emotions or pleasant emotions and that we could fit on different spots on the mood meter, even several times throughout a day and that we should recognize it within ourselves and within our students as well. For example, your child might have a rough morning and it caused you to be late for school, so you are frustrated. Then you might get to school and find out that one of your colleagues bought you a couple of coffee and your emotions may switch easily to feeling calmer. Students come to school with a whole backpack of emotions, especially with everything going on at this time. 

RULER tries to teach that we all need to take a “meta moment” or a break, or breath, to try and think about our actions before we react to a situation or a student. 

The faculty created a RULER charter. “The Charter is designed to build and sustain a positive climate. The Charter represents agreed-upon norms for how all staff members want to feel, as well as what needs to happen or change for those feelings to be consistently present.” 

This year we are going to roll out RULER with the students and teach them how their emotions can impact others and how they can learn how to deal with them in an appropriate manner.