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The Signs of Suicide program (SOS) is an evidence-based program that has demonstrated an improvement in students’ knowledge and adaptive attitudes about suicide risk and depression, as well as a reduction in actual suicide attempts. Students will learn the importance of safe and healthy choices and coping strategies, as well as recognize risk factors and warning signs of mental disorders and suicide in oneself and others.

Our goals in participating in this program include teaching students:

  • that depression is treatable so they are encouraged to seek help 
  • how to identify serious depression and potential suicide risk in themselves or a friend
  • to ACT (Acknowledge, Care and Tell a trusted adult) if concerned about themselves or a friend
  • who they can turn to at school for help, if they need it

SOS will be implemented with all of the high school students beginning semester two.  During one class period, students will watch an age-appropriate video and participate in a guided discussion about depression, suicide, and what to do if they are concerned about themselves or a friend. Following the video, students will complete a response slip indicating whether they would like to talk to an adult about any concerns. 

We encourage you to visit Signs of Suicide for Parents/Guardians/Caregivers for information on warning signs for youth suicide, to access useful resources, and to learn more about the key message all students will learn in class.