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Tech Tips: Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a tool that allows teachers and students to connect about assignments even when they aren’t in person.  Google Classroom allows teachers to post assignments for students.  They can also include links, videos and documents.  This is important because it allows students to have one place to look for all of their work.  Work can be given for the students to work on their own.  Students can also work with each other on the same document at the same time.  Teachers can give tailored feedback to students on their work.  They can also post grades and return work to students.  

For Parents

One major benefit for parents is that they can sign up to receive notifications. Parents can opt in to see upcoming activities.They can also see due dates and missing work. Email your student’s teacher to gain access. You can then log in online or download the free Google Classroom app to see your child’s progress on the go. 
Get your app here:  Google Play  OR Apple Store

Worried about your child’s data privacy?  Not to worry.  Google does not own any of the data.  The students aren’t exposed to ads.  This app follows strict FERPA and COPPA regulations. 

Google Classroom can help you to bond with your student.  Try this!  Ask your student about a cool project they are working on in Google Classroom.   Ask if they have worked on any group projects.  Ask if they are using any other cool programs.  Look at their work and think about how what they are learning is used in real life.  Help your kiddo to make those connections. 

For Students

Students, Google Classroom is where you will find your digital assignments.  You log in to and click to sign in with your Google account.

You can find your assignments under the classwork tab.  When you turn in, or submit, your assignments your teacher will receive them automatically! Don’t forget to attach any work if your teacher has asked for an attachment or upload.  You can also find assignments from many different classrooms at once in your To-Do list.  

You can find announcements in the classroom stream which is like a message board. You can leave comments for your teacher asking questions or responding to feedback.  These can be just between you and your teacher if you use the private comment feature.  If the teacher allows you to comment in the stream then the whole class can see your comments.