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Welcome to Winnisquam’s Learning Navigator Blog!

In the winter of 2020, the Winnisquam School District had the funding opportunity to realize a long-held dream. Providing an online learning option for the Winnisquam community has been an idea for many years. Online learning during the pandemic provided the chance to start to realize this vision.

We interviewed parents, grandparents, teachers, and students about their remote learning experiences. They shared what was working and what was challenging. A key need became clear: Winnisquam’s caregivers needed more support navigating remote learning. In particular, they needed help understanding the curriculum and using all the technologies involved in remote learning. They also needed ideas to support their children to focus on learning at home and stay motivated. In addition, they needed ways help their children stay connected and increase well-being.

All of these needs were the reason we created the Winnisquam Remote Learning Navigator. While the Navigator was intended originally to support with remote learning, you’ll see that much of the information supports caregivers and students with learning in general. We plan on continuing to build out the site over time and to share blogs from WRSD educators, leaders, students, and caregivers. Stay tuned!